Battle of Eran

Part of Fall of the empire

Date 2046
Location Eran Seljookish Empire
Result Decisive Seljookish victory; collapse of the Schyntihan Armies in the East Death of King Maagdobaal
Scyhintian Banner Schyntihan Kingdom Seljokkia Enclave
Commanders and leaders

Scyhintian Banner  Maagdobaal 

Scyhintian Banner  Arashun

Scyhintian Banner  Phonchia

Seljokkia President John Banyard Anderson

Seljokkia Vice President Patrick Joseph Lucy


Scyhintian Banner  20.000 Men

Scyhintian Banner  500 Calvery

Scyhintian Banner  10 Cannons

Seljokkia 5.000 Men

Seljokkia 11 Bombers

Seljokkia 15 Cannons

Casualties and losses
Scyhintian Banner  15.000 Seljokkia 5.000